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Cherry Hill NJ Real Estate Info will help you learn about this very popular Phila. Bedroom Community and the first enclosed Mall in the US - Cherry Hill Mall.

This particular township has seen tremendous changes over the past 5 - 6 decades. It was the home to the famous Cherry Hill Racetrack and many nightclubs and famous restaurants. Big name entertainers used to perform at several clubs right here.

It became "The Place" to live if you were in southern NJ. It is very close to Philadelphia and with its many major highways running through it, property values soared!

As in all things - change was inevitable. The Racetrack burned down and many of the famous clubs and restaurants closed with the advent of Las Vegas and then Atlantic City for entertainment.

During its heyday, the Cherry Hill Mall was built and became the very first fully enclosed Mall in the US. It had high end stores and became quite the place to shop.

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