Juli Morella

Juli Morella

My name is Juli Morella.
Why should you pick me as your Agent?

I take my representing you very seriously! The domain name SNJRealEstate.com was purchased back in 2003 to help Buyers and Sellers find each other on the Internet.

As a life long resident of the area, I have been through the ups and downs of the real estate market and stayed strong enough to maintain my Realtor license and keep helping real estate clients. I am a Full Time Realtor and very active in Gloucester, Camden and Salem Counties.

Better Homes and Garden Real Estate

I have enjoyed working with different Agencies of Gloucester County for approximately 20+ years! After working with various agencies and other Realtors, I have found that Better Homes and Garden Real Estate, in Sewell offers the most complete Real Estate Services for both the Home Buyer and Seller.

Aside from my many years of experience in Real Estate in general, I have become very knowledgeable in all aspects of a Buyer or Seller's needs - Financing, Secure Titles, Foreclosures, Land Developments, Property Management, New Construction, Condo/Townhouses, HOA's,  Resales and Rentals. With over 25 years of experience, I've been on both sides of just about every situation that can happen in Real Estate - as a Buyer's Agent and Listing Agent.

I am mentioning all of these various situations because today's Buyers and Sellers need a Realtor that understands all the different intricacies that can quickly happen in a Real Estate Transaction!

Buying or Selling property is a very complex process that must be handled professionally and accurately. As your South Jersey Realtor, I can assure you, your priorities are extremely important to me and I will do my absolute best to assure a happy and successful real estate transaction.

As a mother to several grown children, I also understand how important the right "Home" is for a family.

Selling a Home is a difficult decision to make. I've sold and purchased my own homes with my children so I understand all the emotions that can result while trying to sell a home or purchase that "perfect" home for your family.

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