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72 Dubois Ave, Woodbury, NJ

Beautiful Woodbury Home ~ 3 Bedroom ~ 1 Baths ~ $165,000

Beautiful Clayton Home ~ 2 Bedroom ~ 1 Bath ~ $137,500

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SNJRealEstate is your source for South Jersey Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Listing your Home and a serious Realtor.

Just as our domain name implies, our efforts are all about helping Buyers and Sellers in Gloucester County and the adjoining counties of Salem and Camden. These 3 different counties are unique by themselves, but also provide a great way to live in Southern New Jersey - especially if you happen to be working in the Philadelphia area of PA. Salem County happens to be very rural, yet adjacent to the Delaware River for either working in Delaware of Philadelphia. Camden County is just outside Philadelphia and will have more stores and population. Gloucester County is a great mix of both - rural yet plenty of stores and developments with new or old neighborhoods.

We know your home you are selling or the home you wish to purchase is the single most important physical asset to you. Because of that, we are providing as much information as possible for you on our Website. We will have school info, local community info and various other sources of information for you to read before you even leave your current home!

Each County will have it's own page of information about the county itself, plus all available homes will be readily available for you to search at your leisure. We will be showing developments, communities, new homes and; of course, resales.

Foreclosure homes will also be listed; but unfortunately, those lists are frequently very obsolete.

We hope you enjoy using our site SNJRealEstate - we are serious about helping Buyers and Sellers find each other. Our website is designed to provide as much data as possible so whatever your decision is - you will make the best decision about Buying or Selling. If you think of something we should feature, please select the link below to let me know.

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Gloucester County Real Estate

Gloucester Co, NJ Map

Gloucester County is just below Camden County, along the Delaware River with easy access to Philadelphia and all major roadways to Delaware, as well.

It is becoming more and more popular since everyone realized you can have a great rural setting, yet easy travel within the county itself or to NYC, Delaware, Baltimore or Atlantic City. Many of the towns within Gloucester County still have that great traditional small town feel, yet provide excellent housing opportunities for large or small families.

Salem County Real Estate

Salem Co NJ Map

Salem County is still well preserved as a rural area. Yes, it is developing as the demands for Real Estate grow in Southern NJ, but many of its towns and communities are still rural and provide that wonderful small town feel. Please go to our Salem County page for specific information about all the great communities that Salem County has to offer.

Camden County Real Estate

Camden Co in NJ

Camden County is directly opposite Center City Philadelphia and has been the "Bedroom Community" for Philadelphia for years. The High Speed Rail line has easy access points throughout the County with a direct commute to Philadelphia.

It's home to Cherry Hill Mall - the first enclosed Mall in the United States. The NJ Turnpike and I-295 provide excellent access points to all parts of NJ, NY, PA and south to Delaware and Maryland.